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About A #1 Developers

Currently Specializing in Custom Homes

We build beautifully inspired custom homes with unlimited possibilities on the land that you love. We have what it takes and work to treat all of our customers with care and respect. This is why A#1 Developers enjoys one of the highest repeat customer and referral rates in the industry. As a family-owned business, we appreciate the trust you instill in us to create a beautiful home for you and your family.


Services We Provide

A#1 Developers provides services from demolition to key in hand.

Home demolition generally involves a large, hydraulic excavator tearing down the house and removing all demolition debris from the site, leaving the site clean.

Excavation includes digging out the areas staked out to ensure vegetation is removed and proper drainage is added. Footers may be placed around the slab of the foundation and other steps may be taken, such as digging a trench below the frost line.

In modern landscaping, a variance between “soft” and “hard” elements is significant to strike a balance in design. Hardscape adds non-living aspects to the landscape such as tile, stone, wood, concrete, and even metal.

Building a pool as part of your new construction or as an addon to your landscape is great way to give your home a vacation resort feel. Adding a pool to your home will likely increase its value.

We build fully-stocked outdoor kitchens, or can add additional kitchen features to your outdoor cooking space, such as a dedicated sink, a dedicated cooktop or a hutch to store more utensils, spices or anything else you need.

Looking for durability, aesthetic beauty, easy maintenance, and longevity? Nothing can stand up to concrete patio pavers. Patio pavers are durable, flexible, affordable, and beautiful. They come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors, textures, and shapes.

The entire range of concrete solutions including concrete block wall construction, decorative hardscape, and our own concrete pumping division.

A solid foundation is the bedrock of a well-constructed home. After the site preparation work has finished laying the groundwork, we begin installing the footings, stem wall or monolithic slab that will form the foundation of your custom home.

A building’s frame is the skeleton that supports all of the finishing features, like drywall, doors, windows, and even your roof.

Our skilled electricians specialize in electrical installations and set-ups for new spaces. We will equip your location with exceptional energy efficiency as well as durability, using the latest in electrical technologies.

When you’re plumbing a house from scratch, it gives you the chance to take advantage of the latest technology and techniques. Where pipes and plumbing fixtures used to be made from metal, today’s plumbing relies on a unique blend of modern plastics and alloys.

A# Developers

Commitment & Expertise

We are able to manage change in plans efficiently and professionally alleviating you of any undo stress during the building process.


We ensure that the quality of work preformed by our sub-contractors is the best in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction

We ensure that every home is ideally suited to the family that will live in it.